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USEA Awards Programs

The USEA offers several Awards Programs and maintains an extensive Leaderboard to reward our members for their successes each year.

Leaderboard (Point System) (Leaderboard)

The USEA Leaderboard is formulated based on points earned at USEA Recognized competitions throughout the calendar year. In addition to the overall leaderboards for horse, rider, young rider, amateur, pony, lady rider, and mare of the year, the Leaderboard is also broken down by level with a category for every type of rider!

Questions about the Leaderboard should be directed to or (703) 779-0440 ext. 3005.  

Hall of Fame (Visit the USEA Hall of Fame)

The USEA Hall of Fame was founded in 1999 as a way to recognize the legends of our sport. Selected horses and riders are inducted into the Hall of Fame every three years at a ceremony during the USEA Annual Meeting and Convention. Twenty-seven horses and riders have been inducted so far including: Neil Ayer, Major General Jonathan R. Burton, John Fritz, Edward Harris, Jack LeGoff, Alexander Mackay-Smith, Jenny Camp, The Grasshopper, Richard Collins, J. Michael Plumb, Torrance Watkins, James C. Wofford, Bally Cor, Plain Sailing, Denny Emerson, Michael Page, Karen Stives, Biko, Kilkenny, Bruce Davidson, Kevin Freeman, Denis Glaccum, David O'Connor, Eileen Thomas, Custom Made, Good Mixture, Irish Cap, Roger Haller, Amy Tryon Lana duPont Wright, Giltedge, and The Gray Goose. Information about all of the Hall of Fame members can be found on the USEA Hall of Fame Webpage.

Charles Owen Technical Merit Award (Information)

The Charles Owen Technical Merit Award was founded by the USEA Professional Horsemens’ Council. The hope is that this award will provide incentives for riders who demonstrate safe and appropriate cross-country technique, and will also educate riders and trainers as to what constitutes safe riding across country. Riders entered in the designated divisions will automatically be judged during their cross-country rounds and will receive score sheets with written comments, which will provide valuable feedback for them and their trainers. Judges qualified to evaluate riders to receive the award are: Level III and IV ICP instructors, USEF licensed eventing officials, and USET Senior Team riders.

Questions about the Charles Owen Technical Merit Awards should be directed to Kate Lokey at or (703) 779-9897.

USEA Medal Program (Requirements)

The USEA Medal Program provides our members with recognition through a goal oriented program within the various levels of eventing. Each individual member may earn a Bronze, Silver, and/or Gold medal at the Beginner Novice, Novice, Training, and Preliminary levels. A certificate will be awarded for a horse registered with the USEA, based on the same scores. Riders may only recieve 

To earn your medal you must submit the Medal Application to the USEA office. All scores from February, 2009, until present can be submitted. Once the scores have been verified the member or horse owner will be provided with the associated awards for the medal achieved. Individual medal winners will earn a pin (at the level won) and certificate. The person's name will also be published on the USEA website and in the magazine.  Award certificates and pins will be sent out quarterly to each rider and horse who achieves the appropriate qualifications.

Scores from any event since 2009 are accepted, but each member can only earn an award once. For example, if you have obtained a Beginner Novice Bronze Medal, you can not earn that award again even if the requirements are met. You can continue to strive for the Beginner Novice Silver and Gold medals, or medals for levels above.

If you have questions about the USEA Medal Program, please contact Michele at or (703) 779-9890. 

Blue Ribbon Award Program (Requirements)

The Blue Ribbon Program is a stepping stone to achieving the Eventing Medals and then heading to the top of the leaderboard. The USEA will post the names of Blue Ribbon qualified horses and riders on the awards section of the USEA website on a monthly basis. Award certificates will be sent out quarterly to each rider who achieves the appropriate qualifications.

To qualify for the Blue Ribbon Award which is available at the Beginner Novice through Advanced levels a horse and rider combination must place 1st through 3rd at three events in the same level in a single year. In addition, both the horse and rider must have an active USEA membership at the time of their competitions.

If you have any questions about the Blue Ribbon Award Program, please contact Michele at or (703) 779-9890. 

Certificate of Horse & Rider Achievement (Requirements)

The Certificate of Horse & Rider Achievement is an opportunity to award and recognize our Beginner Novice members for successfully completing events. In order to qualify for the Certificate of Horse & Rider Achievement the horse and rider together must have completed three or more events at the Beginner Novice level during the same competition year. In addition, both the horse and rider must have an active USEA membership at the time of their competitions.

Beginner Novice Horse and Riders who have achieved the next award level, the Blue Ribbon Award, will not receive the Certificate of Horse and Rider Achievement.

If you have any questions about the Horse & Rider Achievement Certificates, please contact Michele at or (703) 779-9890. 

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