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Educational Activities

USEA Educational Activities further the mission of the USEA to make the sport of eventing safe, fun, fair, and affordable for all. 

Educational activities include clinics, seminars and camps that provide opportunities for anyone involved in eventing to increase their knowledge base and meet new people. The USEA highly encourages both members and non-members to take advantage of the learning opportunities offered in their Area. Most clinics now offer introductory through advanced levels - so there's something for everyone! Clinics can be a great opportunity for those new to the sport and wanting to get a taste of eventing in a no-pressure environment.  

Activities can also include schooling shows which provide an unrecognized, low-key environment for less experienced riders and horses to practice their skills, and for new officials in the sport to hone their expertise. Schooling shows can include horse trials, combined tests, derbies and riding tests.

To qualify for USEA registration and for coverage under the USEA Insurance Program, the Organizer of a proposed educational activity must agree to and comply with USEA requirements. Failure to comply may invalidate insurance coverage and result in denial of future registration, more information on this can be found here. Please see the Organizers' Guide for Educational Activities for more information on hosting a USEA Educational Activity. 

See the Organizers' Application for Educational Activities.

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