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Eventing Officials

Eventing officials include Judges, Technical Delegates (TD), and Course Designers (CD). They are licensed by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) at the “r”, “R”, “S”, and by the FEI at the FEI levels.

The USEA Training Programs for Event Officials is for members who wish to become Licensed Officials, or those who wish to further their education, but not necessarily pursue licensure with the Federation. The USEA also conducts the Continuing Education Program for members who are already licensed officials.

Anyone may attend the ‘r’, ‘R’, or ‘S’ Dressage, Cross Country/Jumping, or Course Designer Training or Continuing Education Programs.

Attendance at a Continuing Education Clinic is part of the requirement to maintain an active license status as an Eventing official.  Clinics must be attended at least once every three years from the date of the license being granted, but officials may attend more frequently if they wish.

Licensing and Promotion of Eventing Officials

The USEF is responsible for the licensing and promotion of Eventing Officials. 

  • Links from this page will route you to the documents for each license.
  • Training Program requirements must be completed in the three years prior to application.

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