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Thu, 2016-06-02 15:13

Ride Safe Joins USEA as Intercollegiate and AEC Sponsor

The United States Eventing Association (USEA) is excited to announce their new partnership with Ride Safe. Ride Safe has joined the USEA as a Contributing Level Sponsor of the 2016 USEA Intercollegiate Championship and Prize Level Sponsor of the 2016 Nutrena USEA American Eventing Championships.

“Ride Safe is so very excited to partner with the USEA,” said Dr. Stephanie Davis, one of the founders of Ride Safe.  “As a lifelong eventer, it is so important for me to find a way to give back to this sport. I hope to be a small part of the incredible team of people who work tirelessly to improve the safety of our sport for horses and riders alike.”

Ride Safe is a sports medical ID bracelet that is designed to be worn all day, every day, by equestrians on or off the farm working around horses. The bracelet allows you to easily display your personal information on the metal nameplate. Each bracelet has an ID code laser engraved on the back of the plate. In the event of an emergency with your horse, friends and family members or trained medical staff can gain immediate access to your medical information by entering the code into the website ( via a phone or computer. Ride Safe bracelets are available in a variety of colors and feature a secure double locking stainless steel buckle and clasp.

"The founders of Ride Safe, Drs. Stephanie and Chad Davis, have committed their careers and lives to the health and welfare of both horses and their riders," stated USEA CEO Rob Burk. "For several years, Ride Safe and the USEA have been working together and we are extremely excited to have Ride Safe officially partner with the USEA. We strongly recommend Ride Safe bracelets to our members and we can honestly say that in times of medical emergency, Ride Safe bracelets can save lives."

About Ride Safe

Ride Safe has put forth considerable effort towards implementing rule changes that allow the bracelet to be worn in eventing as well as the USPC (United States Pony Club) events. The rule change for eventing was put in place in January of 2014 and the Pony Club announced their rule change in January of 2015. Ride Safe hopes to reach other sports in the future, but more importantly to help educate everyone about being safe in whatever you do even it if does not involve horses! To learn more about Ride Safe, please visit

About the United States Eventing Association

The USEA is a non-profit 501 C (3), educational organization committed to providing eventing enthusiasts with a competitive level suited to their individual skills. By assisting and educating competitors, event organizers and officials; maintaining responsible safety standards; and registering qualified competitions and clinics, the USEA offers a strong and continuous training opportunity for an ever-expanding field of world-class competitors. Just as importantly, the USEA provides a means for all riders, regardless of age or ability, to experience the thrill of eventing. To learn more about the USEA, visit


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