How To Join The USEA Online

Starting or Renewing a Membership with the USEA (Using a Credit Card)

Want to pay by check? Please click here the for the paper application and mail it along with your check to the USEA office.

1)  On the website homepage click on the ‘Online Services’ link in the upper left corner to progress to the Online Services Login page.


2)      Once on the Online Services Login page use the same Username and Password as you used on the previous USEA Online Services System. If you don’t have a Username and Password, or have forgotten them, select the appropriate link below the ‘Login’ button.


3)      From your USEA Online Services homepage select the ‘Join/Renew your Membership’ link, found in the lower left Membership Profile section.

4)      In the Membership Renewal section select from the drop down menu what level of membership you would like for the 2012 competition year. 

The Life and Full Memberships allow you to compete in all USEA Recognized competitions as well as gives you access to a variety of other benefits explained here.  A Junior age discount is available for members born in or after 1994 and includes all the same benefits as a Full Membership.  A Supporting Membership (previously called a Non-Competing membership) gives members who don’t want to compete in USEA Recognized Events a chance to still be a part of the USEA Eventing Community with many of the same benefits as a Full Member.


5)      If selecting a Life or Full Membership you will see a new section titled Amateur Declaration. If you wish to declare yourself as an Amateur click on the circle next to  ‘Yes’ and fill out your name at the bottom of the section.  

Members are required to declare whether or not they are an amateur at the time of their renewal or joining. This will provide consistent results on the amateur leaderboards and in qualification for the Nutrena/USEA American Eventing Championships. The USEA will be providing a seven day grace period for any changes that need to be made.

Select the ‘No’ in the upper right corner of the Amateur Declaration section if not competing as an amateur.


6)  In the Area Program section the area for your current address will auto populate.  Select if you would like to join your area adult rider or young rider program.

7)  Choose whether you would like the USEA’s Eventing USA magazine by clicking ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the Mailing Options section.

8)      In the Additional Options section select from the drop down boxes if you would like to purchase printed copies of the USEA Omnibus, Rulebook, or a medical armband.


9)  Interested in supporting the USEA through a tax deductible donation? Please select which program and the amount of the donations in the Support the USEA section.


10)     Enter your credit card information in the Payment window and click on the ‘Submit’ button when finished.  You will be redirected to a receipt page, and a receipt will automatically be sent to your email for your records.

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