Rules & Safety

Rules and Safety

The safety of every horse and rider that participate in the sport of Eventing is of the utmost importance and concern at the USEA. As such, there are myriad ongoing safety and research committees or task forces working towards advancing in the sport. Learn more about those efforts on the Safety page and on the Research page.

USEA-sanctioned events are held to the highest standards of safety via USEA policies, and rules and regulations for horse and rider help to ensure the safety and welfare of both. The USEA works in conjunction with the USEF to establish and implement such policies and rules.

The rules for Eventing are under the jurisdiction of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), the national governing body for equestrian sports in the United States. All levels of competition (Beginner Novice through Advanced) are run in accordance with the USEF Rules for Eventing

Members of the USEF may submit a rule change proposal directly to the USEF for consideration. All rule change proposals are due by June, 1st in order to be implemented in the following year. Rule proposals may be submitted on behalf of any USEA members who are not USEF members. Email your proposal to our Senior Director of Competitions. All rule proposals directly pertaining to Eventing are reviewed by the USEA Board of Governors, with recommendations to the USEF Eventing Technical Committee. If approved by the USEF Eventing Committee, the proposal will then go to the USEF Board of Governors for a final vote. The USEF authorizes all rules for use in recognized competitions.     

The USEF Rules for Eventing are published by the United States Eventing Association with permission of the United States Equestrian Federation as a courtesy to our members. 

The USEA Policies and Guidelines are located on pages 9–21 of the USEF Rules for Eventing published by the USEA. These policies and guidelines regulate USEA membership and horse registration requirements, competition registration and omnibus requirements, year-end award specifications, and USEA Championship information.        

The Federation Equestrian Internationale (FEI) is the international governing body for equestrian sports. All CIC and CCI levels are run in accordance with the FEI Rules for Eventing.  

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