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The Worth the Trust Educational Scholarships are awarded annually to one Adult Amateur and one Young Adult Amateur with the purpose of helping to fund training opportunities like clinics, working student positions and private instruction. Below is the winning essay of the 2017 Worth the Trust Adult Amateur scholarship. Congratulations to Allison Murphy and best of luck in the future!
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The Windy Acres Trophy has been awarded 56 times to the USEA/USCTA Rider of the Year but only to 16 different people in the history of the Association.  The Trophy is synonymous with repeat winners and the base is filled with the same names inscribed multiple times. Bruce Davidson is the record holder for most wins – having earned the Rider of the Year title a whopping 14 times. However, Phillip Dutton isn’t too far behind with 13 titles to his name, and as an active rider he could still surpass the record. J.
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The Charles Owen Technical Merit Award, which aims to recognize safe and effective cross-country riding at the Training level, will kick off the 2017 season in February at the Pine Top Advanced H.T. Junior and adult amateur Training level riders entered will be vying for a chance to receive a Charles Owen Body Protector and helmet bag. Year-end high-point winners will receive a Charles Owen helmet.
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The Horse of the Year title is often considered the most prestigious given out annually by the United States Eventing Association. Awarded to the horse who earns the most points during a single competition year, it honors the true star of the sport. A USEA (formally USCTA) Horse of the Year has been named since 1963 when Duck Soup, ridden by J. Gibson Semmes, was the inaugural winner of The Chronicle of the Horse Trophy presented by Alexander Mackay-Smith.
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Please note that only one listing will be shown for multiple certificates. 
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To learn more about the Blue Ribbon Awards visit the requirements page here.
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Beginner Novice Bronze Medal Recipients 
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USEA Medal Program, founded in 2009, aims to recognize riders who steadily work to hone their skills at the Beginner Novice through Preliminary levels. Medals won are a testament to a high level of proficiency achieved. These are awarded to a rider who finishes three horse trials at a particular level with a final score below a preset requirement (i.e. for a Novice Bronze medal you must finish on a score of a 50 or below). Each of the final scores must be earned at separate locations, and all scores counting toward the medal program must include zero cross-country jump penalties.
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